01 octubre 2009

Thurston leaves home (Thurston se va de su casa)

There once was a little bunny named Thurston. He was always alone because he had no friends. He was a .... child and had ... that when the other animals would play, they would not let him take part. And so Thurston would watch from a distance all the fun until one day he decided he would run away, run, run, run. He would find a place far away where he would be liked and where the other animals would be very, very nice. He packed his bunny knapsack and left his home. To where he was going, he did not know.
A few miles later, Thurston found himself at a bridge. He went down to the cold rushing water, to take a few sips. But when he got down there under that bridge, there was a strange man who was digging a ditch. Thurston quite cautiously … the strange man, what could he be doing digging a hole in the land.

But when the strange man looked up and saw Thurston, “Who is that little bunny and what in the world was he doing?” “Well, hello, little bunny, how do you do? My name’s William Hats, Old Billy, if you chose.” “My name’s Thurston, … but may I ask what is it you’re doing here down at this path?” “I’m digging a hole, but the land is hard yes, so I haven’t gotten much work done yet.” “Maybe I could help you if that’s OK with you. I haven’t got anything better to do.”

So Thurston buried a hole for Mr. Billy Hats. He used his bunny paws to do just that.

Billy just sat back and watched Thurston hard at work; so fast he was going, deeper and deeper into the earth, until he was finished and in the ground was a large hole.

“Hey, said Thurston, why in the dickens do you need this hole for?” “Why, it’s for these here people whom I’ve raped and I’ve killed. The cops are … on my trail and my closet’s packed to the gills with bodies, bodies, bodies, I tell you, bodies that won’t go away … I still hear their voices, they say I’ll be caught any day. Will you help me my Thurston, my … true friend? We’ll look out for each other until the very end.”

But only silence followed. Not a word came from the little blue bunny.

Then he hopped reaching the hole and dropped in a little funny, he ran away from the horrible Mr. Billy Hats, and continued on his journey.

In the distance the sun was setting, but on there went a little blue bunny.

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