08 enero 2009

Formación, empleo y dinero

Si tienes hijos mayores o conocidos, o tú misma/o estás buscando empleo o alguna forma de ganar dinero, pásate por esta weblog en la que encontrarás información sobre todo lo que tiene que ver con el mundo laboral, la formación, formas de ganar dinero a través de internet, promocionar tus productos, cursos, organizaciones, instituciones, eventos, convocatorias...
Deja algún comentario, información o sugerencia. ¡Son siempre bienvenidos!

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joshua dijo...

Glad I've found your blog, one of the very best of the kind.
Have a blossom blessing from this blogger's heart!
And if you do drop by at mine, I sure hope you at least blogbang me
by watching my french creativitees from beginning to end
and mind my paypal donate boton for milk and nappy-diapers.
What's two or three bucks or euros to you?
Do note it means my salvation for I am desperate for survival
and that close to die from dispare and misery.

I realy need your help badly and your help is that simple, but then
we all need eachother one way or another sooner or later.
And you can allways count on me and my big hurted heart.
Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours in a Mystical
and Misterious Way, oh blessed one!

[Up to now ZERO is what I've got! Everybody is frightned
to be fooled by giving or I'm nothing but a dum ass by begging.
Yet is that so hard do give two dollars or euros or pounds away
helping someone unemployed and utterly poor?!].


lk dijo...

Pavlo, your portugees and your english... I'm not sure about what you say exactly. Any how, you are wellcome. And thank you for your appreciations.